Rev Christine wears a pale pink top with a clerical dog collar and smiles at the camera   Rev Christine Coram, our minister

Welcome to Paulton Methodist Church

Welcome to our church. We are part of the 'people called Methodists', a branch of the Christian Church that has traditionally existed to share God's love with the community, often through practical acts of love and by welcoming all share to in worship. 

Our Sunday services are an opportunity to be thankful and to express our gratitude to God through singing and prayers, to listen to a Bible passage or two and here a talk aimed at helping us to apply that to our daily living. We are a mixed bunch of people who know that they are less than perfect but are forgiven because God chooses to forgive - and that's what we celebrate.

Sometimes we share in Holy Communion (or Mass, or Eucharist, or 'the Lord's Supper') where we each eat a piece of bread (gluten free) and drink a little glass of non-alcoholic wine as a symbolic remembering of Christ's last meal with his friends before he died for our sake. Everyone is welcome to join in but there is no compulsion. The atmosphere is relaxed but mindful of God's presence with us. 

I am always happy to arrange a chat over a cuppa to tell you more about what we believe. You can contact me at or on 01761 402755.

We work with and affirm the other churches in the area. We are all part of the Christian religion and not in competition with each other. We organise ourselves differently and have different styles of doing things, but share the central beliefs of the Church. 

Why not come in and try us out?